Our Conductors

Hiroyuki Fujimoto

Standing conductor

Mr. Hiroyuki Fujimoto graduated from the Faculty of letter, Chuo University and collage diploma course at Toho Gakuen School of Music. He started to play the contrabass at the age of 18. He entered Toho Gakuen School of Music during his study at Chuo University. He studied the contrabass under Takanori Uesugi, and Naofumi Nishida, and also learned from lectures by Yasunori Kawahara, Nobuaki Nakata, and Pieter Hugo.  He has been a member since its foundation of IlluminArt Philharmony Orchestra, at which conductor Tomomi Nishimoto acts as the artistic director, and at present, plays an active role in orchestras and other fields. He gives his play at International Festival of Sacred Music and Art in Vatican and other performances in USA, Italy, Austria, or Germany. Conducting was started affected by Uesugi, a lecturer at the Department of conducting at Toho Gakuen School of Music. He received a training and education from the play with late Kazuhiko Komatsu, a conductor emeritus at Chuo University Orchestra, and other nationally and internationally active conductors. He acted a vice conductors from the time of a university student. His important role in producing “Sinfonia Wisteria” an orchestra managed by young musicians and also conducting led to a great success in its performance.

   His dynamic and expressive conducting is supported by both players and audience. While Mr. Fujimoto himself initiated his musical carrier from university orchestra, he actively plays a role in a conductor and a trainer in a lot of groups, spending as long times as possible in coaching amateur musicians. His passionate coaching from the standpoint of orchestral members is widely appreciated as well as producing and establishing multiple new musical groups. At present, a standing conductor of Musica Neurochirurgiana and Tokai University Orchestra.

Masaaki Hayakawa

Conductor emeritus

Mr. Masaaki Hayakawa, a composer and conductor was born in 1934 in Ichikawa city (near Tokyo).

  He showed a gift for music in early childhood and started composing at the age of five. Following graduation from Tokyo University with a Bachelor of Science degree, he entered the Composition Department at the Tokyo University of the Arts and graduated from the department with a diploma in 1960.

  Mr. Hayakawa established the Vivaldi Ensemble Tokyo in 1961 and held a recital for his works in Tokyo in 1964. In 1966 he visited Europe as the conductor of Tokyo University Symphony Orchestra with his Marimba concerto.

  In 1971, 1973, and 1977, he toured Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Belgium and Italy as the conductor of the Vivaldi Ensemble Tokyo again with his works (Requiem Santi and so on) and is internationally recognized. Since then he has had several concert tours to USA, Germany, Russia and Switzerland as a guest conductor with his works.

  At present, an honorary professor of Hirosima University, a previous standing conductor of Tokyo Vivaldi Ensemble, and a guest conductor of Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmony Orchestra and others. 

* Official website of Mr. Hayakawa is here.