Our History

Oct. 1987    Founded for the performance at the reception of the annual meeting of the Japan Neurosurgical Society

Oct. 1999    Mr. Masaaki Hayakawa inaugurated a standing conductor

Oct. 2001    First performance at the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the Japan Neurosurgical Society

Aug. 2002    Annual 2-days seminar started 

May 2004    First performance at the annual meeting of the Japanese Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and welcome music started

June 2006    First special concert other than the annual neurosurgical meeting

Oct 2007    20th anniversary concert

June 2012    First overseas performance in Leipzig, Germany

May 2015    A standing conductor changed to Mr. Hiroyuki Fujimoto

May 2017    Second overseas performance in Zurich, Switzerland

Oct. 2018    30th anniversary charity concert

July 2019    Official logo established

2020, 2021 No performance due to COVID-19 pandemic

♪About our LOGO♪

Expressing members' hope, harmony of brain and music.

Established  by members vote from 2 designs on July 2019, 32 after foundation, at the time of moving website to original site.

Designed by Dr. Keisuke Maruyama, secretary-general.

Loved by members by using badges wearing at performance, stickers used for instrument cases, or T shirts.